Saturday, 26 July 2008

AdSense Makes Sense

In my previous post I mentioned Google AdSense. This can be a regular and sometimes very good source of income for bloggers.

When you put AdSense on your blog, the ads that appear are automatically related to the context of what is written on the site (Contextual Ads), to make it more likely that visitors will want to click on them and thus generate money for you.

Google are very strict, however, in their Terms of Service and there are 3 points in particular that you would do well to be absolutely clear about, otherwise you run the risk of having your account terminated.

First of all, you can't have any other ads that are also contextual ads. If you want to sign up with another company as well, make sure that this won't be in violation of Google's Terms of Service. You can usually check in the FAQ of the other company to see if they can run alongside other ads but, if in doubt, as someone who is not yet an expert, my policy is to be safe and not do it.

Secondly, you are not allowed to encourage anyone to click on the ads, and finally, you can't click on them yourself.

Now, as far as optimisation of Google Ads is concerned, I think there are 2 main factors. The first is the actual design and placement of them. When you are placing the ads on your site, you can design the colour, size and type that you feel would be most effective. You can however, only have up to a certain number of units on the page - at the moment it is 3.

The second and, I feel, much more important factor is traffic. In other words, the number of people visiting your site. This is actually just common sense - if you don't have people looking at your site, how can they look at the ads?

And not simply traffic, but what is called targetted traffic. Not just people dropping by your site, but people who are actually interested in what is written there. Again, just common sense really.

So, this can help us focus on getting targetted traffic in order to increase our income stream. I will be talking about ways of increasing traffic in another post.

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Umbul Narmadi said...

I agree with your opinion that traffic one important things...did you try this one?

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