Wednesday, 23 July 2008

Blogging for Money

It seems that blogging is the main way to make any decent sort of money from the internet. The people that I see on the internet making money are the bloggers whose blog or blogs give them several channels of income.

When I first started reading up about blogging, the first or one of the first things that everyone was saying was to blog about something you know and preferrably care about. I definitely agree with this, because if you are going to keep up a blog, then you are going to have to care enough about it to keep posting regularly, and if you know the subject then obviously you're going to be posting about issues that are within your experience.

There is quite a lot of talk about finding your niche. However, there are so many blogs out there about so many different issues, that I feel you would be hard put to find something that hasn't been covered. So, basically I believe that you should just blog about something you are confident that you can keep going with, and automatically you will bring your own angle to it.

The ways of making money from your blog or blogs are basically as follows -

Contextual Ads: The best known of these is Google AdSense. These are ads placed on your blogs that automatically adjust to the context, so that they are relevant to what people are reading. The amount you get paid depends on the number of times people click on them.

Sponsored Posts: Many advertisers pay bloggers to write posts about their products or services.

Becoming an Affiliate: In other words, you have ads or links on your blog and get paid commission on the sales, leads or referrals that come through them.

Direct Advertising: People or companies pay you to place an ad on your blog.

Direct Selling: You sell your own products or services through your blog.

To me these are the main income generators from your blog and I will be writing separate posts about my experiences with all of them.

Finally, I just want to mention the blogging platform that I have chosen - Blogger. The two main reasons for this are firstly that it is free and secondly I can put Google Ads on it, from which I derive income.

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goofblogger said...

Niche building is tricky as you had mentioned. I like your concept of just letting your blog evolve; no need to get totally stressed out about having the perfect niche right away.

The trick to keep going with it, the traffic will build over time.

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