Saturday, 30 August 2008

Traffic! Traffic! Traffic! Part 1

It goes without saying that in order to make money from your blog(s), you need to have people visiting. Now, to maximise income, this really needs to be targetted visitors - people who are actually interested in the content of your site. However, even "untargetted" visitors will help, as they increase the amount of incoming traffic and links, which will raise your positioning in the search engines, which in turn , will bring the targetted visitors.

From what I have learnt, either through personal experience or from other more experienced bloggers, the following are some important ways of increasing traffic. I have called this Part 1 as I will be posting later with more ways.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
This is really the first thing we need to do when we set up a blog. As well as setting myself up on Google and Yahoo, I also used Submit Express , which lists you on a whole lot of Search Engines, as well as having a free Meta Tag generator, which you can use.

Getting incoming links, especially from high-ranking sites, will increase your standing with the search engines, which will again increase your targetted traffic. I have found Backlink Builder a useful tool, where you can just type in your keywords and they will produce a whole list of sites where you can get related backlinks.

These also create backlinks to your site - sometimes reciprocal, sometimes one-way. You can see some blog directories at the bottom right of this blog. BlogCatalog and MyBlogLog are a combination of directory and social network and can be really helpful in generating traffic to your blog(s).

Another site I found useful is Free Website Directory List where you can find web directories by Page Rank and apply to get listed on them. Remember, the higher the Page Rank of the site you have an incoming link from, the higher the ranking of your own site goes.

Reciprocal Links
It is preferrable to get one-way links for the serch engines to rank you higher, but even if you have reciprocal links, that still means that your blog is listed on other people's sites and visitors to their site will have the chance to come to yours.

Obviously, it is better to have these links with sites whose content is related to yours, and the higher the Page Rank and number of visitors they have, the better.

By commenting on other people's posts, you create more links back to your site, as well as getting exposure to visitors to the other sites. Commenting on sites that are Do Follow is better and one way to find them is to go to Google Image Search and type in U Comment I Follow. From the results of the search, you can choose which sites you want to visit and it is obviously better to comment on posts that are related to your blog. No spamming, though!

Social Networks
Joining social networks increases your exposure and so you can promote your blog(s). As well as general social networks such as Facebook and MySpace, it is especially fruitful to join networks that are related to the content of your blog. Remember - targetted visitors!

Part 2 to follow...

Friday, 22 August 2008

Feeling Lucky?

ClixSense have just added another way that you can make some money. They have just started what they call ClixGrid.

This is basically a grid where you can click anywhere you want up to 20 times per day if you are a free member and 50 times a day if you are a Premium member. You have a chance to win between $0.01 - $5 perday. Basically it's something similar to getting 20 free scratchcards every day!

So now there are 3 ways you can make money from
ClixSense, which I have gathered is one of the most reputable Paid to Click companies.

1. Click on ads every day
2. Referrals
3. ClixGrid

The most lucrative of these three is getting a downline of referrals.

Feeling lucky? Join
ClixSense and click on ClixGrid every day, as well as getting paid to click on ads and make referrals.

Thursday, 14 August 2008


I've just started using RevResponse as an affiliate. This is a little bit different from other affiliate companies in that you can make money by letting your readers have FREE content that is relevant and of value to them.

With RevResponse, you can have a widget on your site that contains newsletters, business resources, analysts' reports and downloads that are free for your visitors. You can arrange that the selection on view is relevant to what you feel your readers would be interested in. The free offers are popular with professionals across a range of industries, and you’ll receive commissions on qualified requests from your international traffic as well as your U.S. visitors.

For example, a couple of magazines that qualified readers may like to subscribe to for FREE are:

Website Magazine
Until now, there has not been a magazine that caters exclusively to the business of running a website. Website Magazine has tapped premier talent in the Internet industry for our content and each and every issue will contain practical advice and insights for website owners.

eWeek is the essential technology information source for builders of e-business. Through a combination of news, analysis and evaluation, it guides readers in making the best technology decisions for their enterprise. Focusing on e-commerce, communications and Internet-based architecture, eWeek enables readers to successfully evaluate, deploy and leverage new technology solutions for competitive advantage.

Wednesday, 6 August 2008

Learning from Other Blogs

In one of my previous posts, I talked about Learning from the Masters - in other words, from those who are highly successful at blogging and making money online.

We can also learn a lot from other bloggers in general. I spend a lot of my time - as I'm still fresh to this online world - looking at other people's blogs, usually as I am Entrecard dropping on them. By the way, if you don't know what Entrecard is, then I would highly recommend joining - it's a great way to get a lot of traffic to your blog. I'll talk more about it in another post, but in the meantime, you can just click on Get One on the Featureed Blog at the top right-hand corner.

This is basically market research, and there are several ways in which we can learn from others.

Design and Appearance
Check out the design of their blog and see how you feel about it as a visitor. Is it attractive? Is it clear? Would you like to stay there and read it, or just skip on to another blog? Now, put yourself in the position of a visitor to your blog and see how it would seem to them. I think most serious bloggers spend quite a bit of their time making adjustments to the appearance, so that it can become more "enticing" and less unattractive.

Bearing in mind that we want to make money, what are these other blogs doing well that will make as many people as possible click on the ads, join the referral programmes or whatever else will provide them with income?

Especially if you are relatively new to blogging, you can check out the widgets that others have and get ideas about what would be appropriate to your blog.

Affiliate Programmes
Again, if you're fairly new to blogging, you can gather information from others as to what affiliate programmes are out there. Pay especial attention to those blogs that are in the same niche or category as yours, as this will help you in deciding which would be most appropriate to you.

Blog Directories and Communities
Once again, pay especial attention to blogs in your niche, and see what directories and communities they are part of. By also joining these, you can substantially increase traffic to your site, and in the case of communities that are specifically for your subject (e.g. Recipes), this can be targetted traffic.

To sum up, I feel we need to be constantly observant as to what is going on and continuously learning from each other, so as to be able to improve what we are doing and consequently increase our earnings.

We need to be especially aware of what blogs in the same niche as us are doing, and primarily those who have a high Page Rank and lots of visitors. What are they doing right? Can we learn from them and be as successful - if not more so - as them?

Monday, 4 August 2008

Get Paid for Life with PerformancingAds

PerformancingAds allows publishers - site owners - to utilise a fully automated self-serve ad system and get paid at the end of the month in which they've earned the money. You can also earn money or credits that will drive traffic to your site and which you can use to have your own ad displayed on other sites.

Make Money With PerformancingAds

Advertisers can promote their products on high quality sites as well as across entire blog networks.

Targeted Blog Advertising With PerformancingAds

There's a great affiliate programme as well, which gives you $10 for each new publisher or advertiser you refer PLUS 5% on all advertiser spending for life!

Definitely sounds worth checking out!

Become an Affiliate

One of the main income streams for most, if not all, money-making blogs is Affiliate Marketing. This basically means that you make a commission by selling other companies' products or services and/or refer people to join as affiliates.

There are a lot of companies out there offering affiliate opportunities, and personally I feel it is too much just to fill up your blog with all, or even most of them. I think it's important to be selective and choose those that you feel would be most suited to your readership. Most companies also give you the option to select products in line with the content of your site.

I'm still at the stage of trying out these companies at my various blogs, to see which ones I should stick with. I can imagine myself at some point in the future, eventually settling down with the most productive.

Some recommendations to become an affiliate are the following -




Make Money With PerformancingAds


Text Link Ads

Sunday, 3 August 2008

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