Thursday, 14 August 2008


I've just started using RevResponse as an affiliate. This is a little bit different from other affiliate companies in that you can make money by letting your readers have FREE content that is relevant and of value to them.

With RevResponse, you can have a widget on your site that contains newsletters, business resources, analysts' reports and downloads that are free for your visitors. You can arrange that the selection on view is relevant to what you feel your readers would be interested in. The free offers are popular with professionals across a range of industries, and you’ll receive commissions on qualified requests from your international traffic as well as your U.S. visitors.

For example, a couple of magazines that qualified readers may like to subscribe to for FREE are:

Website Magazine
Until now, there has not been a magazine that caters exclusively to the business of running a website. Website Magazine has tapped premier talent in the Internet industry for our content and each and every issue will contain practical advice and insights for website owners.

eWeek is the essential technology information source for builders of e-business. Through a combination of news, analysis and evaluation, it guides readers in making the best technology decisions for their enterprise. Focusing on e-commerce, communications and Internet-based architecture, eWeek enables readers to successfully evaluate, deploy and leverage new technology solutions for competitive advantage.

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