Monday, 20 October 2008

Niche Social Networks and Directories

In my previous post I mentioned "specialised" social networks. Social Networks and Directories that are focussed on the theme of your blog can be a good source of targetted visitors, as well as providing you with more back links. For example, people who have joined Food & Recipe groups and directories have obviously indicated that they will have some interest in my blog Authentic Greek Recipes.

The way I went about finding these networks and directories is as follows -

Blogs in the same niche
I spent time visiting other blogs in the same niche and noted which topical networks and directories they were members of. I found that Entrecard was a great help here - I could go to the group that I was interested in and then visit the blogs listed in that group.

Interest groups within general networks & directories
Usually, social networks and directories will have groups within them that are focussed on various topics. I joined these groups, where not only could I find other people with similar interests, but could also participate in the group and so promote my blogs.

I have found BlogCatalog and MyBlogLog especially good for this, but there are also the non-blogger networks such as Facebook and MySpace.

Search Engine search
As well as the 2 methods above, I also did a simple search engine search. For the Authentic Greek Recipes site, this involved typing in Food or Recipe Groups or Networks etc. Most of the results that came up, I had already found, but a few others did come up.

Niche networking has the benefit of creating more back links, increasing traffic to your site(s) and also - because it is targetted - has the potential to add to your income stream.

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