Sunday, 19 October 2008

Search Engine and Social Media Traffic

I was reading a post by one of the top professional bloggers, who was analysing how much of his traffic came from Seme arch Engines and how much from other sources. He divided it up into 4 sources of traffic - Search Engines, Social Media, Other Sites and Direct. His search engine traffic apparently accounts for 33% of the total and he was happy with that.

This made look at the figures for my best performing blog - Authentic Greek Recipes.

Search Engine - 33%
Direct - 14%
Social Media - 50%
Other Sites - 3%

I'm fairly happy with those percentages, but what I need to do is increase the actual numbers. In other words, the total that they are a percentage of!!

I've been gradually learning more and more about Search Engine Optimisation and have been focussing mainly on the SEO Book and Wordtracker to help me.

With social media, I have found that there is what I would call "general" and "specialised" social networks. Specialised social networks are those that are to do specifically with the theme of your blog - in this case, food and recipes. I try as much as possible to join networks that are related to my blogs, as that will bring visitors who are actually interested in what you are writing about (hopefully!). More visitors who are interested in your content brings potentially more revenue.

Entrecard, which I would call a general social network, brings by far my most referral traffic. This is great, because it helps boost your rankings, but Entrecard also exposes you to other blogs who not only want to drop on you to gain credits, but are also actually interested in the content.

So, as I said, I'm happy with the percentages, but I need to increase the actual numbers. An integral part of this, I feel, is producing the kind of content that people will want to keep coming back for.

A combination of all these factors will eventually produce the goods - content, search engine optimisation and keeping myself exposed to the various social media.

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