Friday, 31 October 2008

The Website Owner Zone

Many thanks to Jenny Fletcher from My Greetings To You for recommending this network to me!

It's the Website Owner Zone, and it has gathered over 700 members in less than 2 months- which can't be bad - and, more important, it seems to be active. The membership is made up of website owners - as the name would imply - whether they be blogs or not, who network to help each other become more successful with what they are doing.

The site has a forum and it also has individual groups covering things like Web Traffic, Link Exchanges, Web Design, Affiliates and so on. There are already 90 separate groups.

I haven't had the chance to get really into it yet, but from cruise around the site it seems to be an active and helpful network.

1 comment:

Jenny Fletcher said...

Thanks for the link and joining Wozone - I can't find a name here on your blog other than symposio so not sure if you are already a Wozone friend. There are a couple of groups in Wozone for exchanging links, so make sure you join those.

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