Saturday, 8 November 2008


I have just signed up at Adgitize, a brand new blogger's advertiser network that pays real money for their affiliate program. $5 a sale on the initial sale and then $1 per month as long as the advertiser runs an ad. They have a great payout program at only $10.

You can see one of their banners above and a couple of 125 x 125 ads below on the left sidebar.

The thing with this company is that it is brand new. They just started earlier this month, so it's a chance to be part of it right from the beginning. It costs nothing to join and the signup is quick and easy.

They are offering some great rates for those who want to advertise and are offering rebates to advertisers that also act as publishers.

Blogs that want to be publishers get points for the following -

- Adgitize Ad Views on your blog
- Total page views
- Writing any kind of post (one per day ) on your blog. (i.e. what you do anyway)
- Clicking on some of the ads and visiting other members in the network.

These points all translate into money!

Anyway, I've been busy collecting my points and , with the low $10 pay out level, it shouldn't be long before I'm collecting some dosh!

Adgitize your web site.

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PJ said...

i signed up using your link. thanks for the link.

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