Friday, 14 November 2008

Superimposing One Image On Another

I wanted to create an image for my post Money, Money Everywhere And Not A Cent To Spend over at my other blog Corfu Chronicles. The idea I had in my head was to have a picture of lots of banknotes falling through the air and an image superimposed at the bottom of someone who was obviously poor.

Well, I'm neither technically nor creatively inclined (to say the least!) so I found two pieces of free clip art - banknotes falling through the air and a poor person with his empty pockets showing - and then had to find a way of superimposing the one on the other.

Now I know there's lots of software out there, but I wanted something that was free (I am half Scottish, after all!). With Photo Bucket you can do some editing, but you can't superimpose. Well, I found FotoFlexer. It was just the job. It's free - you just need to register - and I was able to use it easily to superimpose the one image on top of the other, making the parts of the top image that I didn't want to show, transparent. I found the short explanatory videos really clear and helpful and it didn't take me long to create the image I wanted.

I love these free tools! They make me feel like such a techie!

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