Thursday, 15 January 2009

My Earnings On Adgitize Pay For A Month's Ads!

I mentioned on a previous post that I won a month's free advertising on Adgitize. Well, I was able to pay for another month's advertising for my blog Authentic Greek Recipes using the income I have made as a member of Adgitize!

I found that I was getting between 50 - 90 clicks daily from the ad and as the number of members increases, so will the exposure, and at $14 a month I think it's a pretty good deal - especially when you're using money you've earned from Adgitize!

As a publisher you get points for ad views and page views of ads on your site, along with points for your blog posts and for the number of times you visit Adgitize ads. On top of this, an advertiser gets extra advertiser points as well as the traffic from their ads. Your monthly points convert into money.

If you refer someone who becomes an advertiser you get $5 plus $1 each month as long as they continue advertising.

So far my experience at Adgitize has been positive and I would definitely recommend it!

Adgitize your web site.

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