Wednesday, 1 April 2009

I'm All A-Twitter!

Well, I haven't been posting here for quite a while - I had some paid writing work to do which took up most of my time. Anyway, I'm getting back into it and have decided to give Twitter a shot. I signed up for Twitter quite a while ago, but never got into it, but now I'm going to focus a little bit more on it to see if it can help generate steady traffic.

To help things, I've signed up at Twitterfeed, which automatically posts on Twitter from your blog feeds. In this way I'll have a steady stream of posts on Twitter without any effort and I can then add other Tweets at my leisure, so to speak.

I got my button at Twitterbuttons, which I presume everyone on Twitter knows about - they have quite a comprehensive selection to choose from.

Finally, I also signed up at Twittad, where you can have paid ads on your Twitter profile. Based on your number of followers, they work out a price for advertisers to get placed on your profile - my profile's still pretty cheap at the moment - and there is also an Affiliate Programme.

So, let's see how it goes! Feel free to follow me!


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