Saturday, 4 April 2009

My Earnings At Adgitize Have Quadrupled....Without Doing Anything!

I've posted here before about Adgitize, but I wanted to mention the latest good news. They have changed the payout system so that you can earn more money. This started from April 1st and I wanted to wait and see what difference it would make to my earnings before writing about it. Well, in the first couple of days my daily earnings have quadrupled!

We're not talking huge amounts of money here, but we are talking a steady little earner without really having to do anything for it. Plus traffic from views of your ad(s).

To get the most out of Adgitize, you really need to be an advertiser - it only costs $14 a month to get displayed across the whole network, and you can get more than twice that amount back through your earnings. Plus the increased traffic - I've been getting around 50 visits a day from Adgitize to my Authentic Greek Recipes ad.

So what do you have to do to make money?

Everyone can make up to 500 points a day over 5 categories which have a maximum of 100 points each -

Article Points - you get points if you post on your blog(s).
You do this anyway, so there's no extra work involved here.

Click Points - you get points for clicking on the Adgitize ads.
I combine this with Entrecard dropping, which I do anyway. Not everyone has an EC widget, but I would say that out of the 50 Adgitize sites I visit every day, only about 5 don't have one. Why do I only visit 50 sites? Because, as an advertiser my points are doubled and I get my maximum 100 from visiting just 50 sites.

Ad Views Points - If you display Adgitize ads on your site, you get points for the number of views of those ads every day.

Page Views Points - As above, but these are points for views of pages that have the ads displayed.

Advertisers Points - This is points for being an advertiser.

So where's the extra work? The only thing 'extra' you have to do is visit some blogs, which you're doing anyway if you're in EC, and even if you aren't, how long does it take to visit 50 blogs and click on them? Especially if you're getting paid for it! But even if you don't want to visit blogs and click on the ads, you're still earning points - and money - from the other categories, it's just that you're losing a potential 20% of your earnings.

As I said above, now that the money being paid out has increased, this really is a nice little earner. You can earn as a publisher, without paying anything, but by becoming an advertiser as well, you not only can get your $14 a month back, but also make more on top of it.

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