Thursday, 26 November 2009

Increase Your Traffic With Along For The Ride

I've just started using Along For The Ride (AFTR). This is an interesting approach to increasing traffic to your site. You'll see the widget on the right sidebar of this blog - if you mouse over it, then after 3 seconds a mini-window opens up with the site of another member of AFTR (this is done on a rotational system).

It's as simple as that. If you have the widget on your site, then the visitor doesn't have to leave it to view the other site, nor do they have to click on anything. Your blog is available in the same way on other members' sites.

I've just had it for a few days, but have already noticed a steady increase in traffic. I'd recommend checking it out here.

Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Advertise On Money From Nothing

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Duration of Ad

Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Time Management For Blogging

I've found time and time again that I need to keep myself organised in order to get the best possible results from blogging. So many times I find myself just saying ' OK, let's do this now' or ' It's about time I did this,' - just drifting without any clear plan, and not trying to make the best use of my time.

No matter how much time we spend blogging - whether it's full time or just whenever we get the time - we need to manage our time properly in order to make the most efficient use of it.

I've taken the 'tasks' that need to be done and divided them into categories and then decided on the amount of time that I need to devote to each. This is something that can't be generalised as it really depends on the amount of time we spend blogging and what weight we want to give to each.

Briefing - This should probably be done at the start of the day.
  • Checking incoming communications (e-mails, comments etc) and responding to them - some that require more time can be set aside for later on (Socialising & Engaging).
  • Checking on income streams - ads, affiliate programmes etc.
  • Checking on other updates such as number of fans on Facebook, poll results etc - this will be different of each of us.

Ok, not such a sophisticated term, but this refers to the time I spend clicking ads on Adgitize, which helps generate points to make enough to continue advertising on Adgitize. I combine this with clicking on the Entrecard ads which are on most of the Adgitize ads.

Socialising & Engaging
  • Responding to comments and messages from the earlier Briefing.
  • Making comments where appropriate - this can be combined with Clicking (see above).
  • Visiting and participating in appropriate forums.
  • Engaging and developing a greater presence in chosen social networks such as Facebook.
  • Twitter - regularly tweeting and engaging with others. Steadily building up a quality following.

Yes, let's not forget this! We need to organise ourselves in a way that suits us. Maybe we plan a series of posts in advance. Maybe we take each day as it comes. But, for sure we need to make sure that this is not neglected amongst all the other stuff.

For those that do paid posts / reviews, time needs to be spent on identifying opportunities, applying for them and then writing them.

Research & Development
  • Keeping up-to-date with latest developments and ideas. By subscribing to sources such Mashable, ProBlogger and TwiTip, a lot of these will come into your inbox every day and you need to set aside time to take a look at these.
  • Simply looking at what other sites are doing and getting ideas. This can also be combined with Socialising & Engaging (see above).
  • Regularly looking at your blog(s) and seeing what you are happy with and how you can improve it - such design and layout.
  • Reviewing income streams - what is working, what isn't working and why not. Any new potential income streams.
  • Having 'team meetings' with yourself! Perhaps on a weekly basis, sit down and brainstorm - writing down what is going well, what isn't and how you can improve. Planning and then putting those plans into action.

I personally find that this simple analysis of what I need to be doing and then allocating appropriate time slots for each of them has helped to focus me and make better use of my time. Any comments?

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