Thursday, 28 January 2010

Getting Links To Your Posts From Popular Blogs

A good way to increase traffic to your blog or to particular posts is to get a link from popular blogs with a lot of readers. Just recently the Problogger blog published a post with 30 Bloggers To Watch In 2010. Readers were then asked to post a similar article on their blog and send the link to Problogger.

I posted 10 Food Bloggers To Watch In 2010 on my Authentic Greek Recipes blog and then posted the link on Problogger. A few days later all the 'To Watch' posts were listed and I got a sudden increase in traffic from it.

Watching out for opportunities like this can be beneficial as popular blogs not only have a large number of readers, but are also considered to be authorities in their field, so links posted there are taken seriously.

Yet another way to get yourself out there and get seen.

Thursday, 21 January 2010

10 Sites To Write For Money

As well as writing on your own blog, there are plenty of opportunities around to write articles for money. I've listed 10 sites below where you can get paid for what you write or you can get in touch with people who are looking for writers.

They're listed in alphabetical order.

Amazon Mechanical Turk

A marketplace for work that requires human intelligence. Based on the idea that there are still many things that human beings can do much more effectively than computers, such as identifying objects in a photo or video, performing data de-duplication, transcribing audio recordings, or researching data details.


Here you can write about anything you want, as long as it isn't copied, and get paid between $1 and $4 depending on the length of the article.

Blogger Jobs

As the name would suggest, a site putting you in touch with people that are looking for writers.

Constant Content

Serving over 10.000 websites by providing them access to almost 30.000 writers, Constant-Content claims to have developed the most comprehensive and quality articles production system on the web. You can either write an article, which becomes available to purchase, or respond to specific requests.


A chance to write articles on 'How To' do something. Payments are only made to residents of the USA, however.

Freelance Writing Jobs

Again, the name is self-explanatory.


You can earn cash for contributed work, daily revenue share and writing contests.


Lulu is a self-publishing site where you can write your own books and e-books and sell them.

Online Writing Jobs

Displaying available writing jobs.

ProBlogger Job Board

Run by ProBlogger, it lists regularly updated jobs available to bloggers.

Friday, 15 January 2010

MyLikes - Sponsored Post

MyLikes -
I joined when the site was Likaholix (see previous post) and now that it has come out of Beta and become MyLikes it seems that it has improved and become more interesting. I've got a feeling that it will take off in a big way. Great to be in at the beginning!

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symposio's profile on MyLikes

Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Learning From The Pros Again - The Shoemoney System

I've written in other posts how important I feel it is to continuously learn from those who have been extremely successful online - they've obviously done something right! In that vein, Jeremy Schoemaker is launching his Shoemoney System for those that want to follow it. I have to be honest, basically the only thing I know about Mr. Shoemaker is that he makes a lot of money online and over the last 5 years has really turned around his financial situation.

Anyway, I signed up and look forward to seeing his system and improving my effectiveness online If you want to check it out, it's here. I'd also be interested to hear anyone else's opinion of it.

Saturday, 2 January 2010

Making Money From Ads

One important way of making money from your blog is through Ads on your site. Some of the most popular ways of doing this is through Adgitize,CMF (CMF Ads - 30 day ads starting from $0.01), and Project Wonderful. You can also sell adspace on your site directly.

Does anyone have any other recommendations?

Which of the following brings you the greatest income?

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