Thursday, 28 January 2010

Getting Links To Your Posts From Popular Blogs

A good way to increase traffic to your blog or to particular posts is to get a link from popular blogs with a lot of readers. Just recently the Problogger blog published a post with 30 Bloggers To Watch In 2010. Readers were then asked to post a similar article on their blog and send the link to Problogger.

I posted 10 Food Bloggers To Watch In 2010 on my Authentic Greek Recipes blog and then posted the link on Problogger. A few days later all the 'To Watch' posts were listed and I got a sudden increase in traffic from it.

Watching out for opportunities like this can be beneficial as popular blogs not only have a large number of readers, but are also considered to be authorities in their field, so links posted there are taken seriously.

Yet another way to get yourself out there and get seen.

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