Thursday, 4 February 2010

What Time Should You Post On Your Blog?

Often, writing posts on our blogs is done whenever we have the time or are feeling 'in the mood'. However, usually your posts will not only be read by blog readers - in which case it doesn't really matter at what time you post - but by others on social networks, especially Facebook and Twitter.

Personally, I'm a 'morning person' as far as writing is concerned, but I started to realise that I may be missing a lot of the people that could be reading my posts. Three of my blogs are on Networked Blogs on Facebook, which means that not long after I have posted, it is automatically fed onto FB. But is this the ideal time for it? When will most of my friends be on FB and will my post still be easily visible to them at this time?

The same applies with Twitter. I read somewhere recently that the highest numbers of people are on Twitter at between 11.00 and 14.00 EST. Again, my blog posts are automatically fed to Twitter through Twitterfeed, so I have to wonder, 'Are most of my followers fast asleep when my blog posts are tweeted?'

So, basically I'm rethinking the time that I should post on my blogs in order to get the maximum exposure in social media as well as on the blog itself. I just have to take into consideration the time differences and when I reckon the optimum number of friends and followers are online.
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