Thursday, 19 August 2010

Get A Free Analysis Of Your Blog

I just found this great site where you can get a free analysis of your blog - SpiderFX-Lite. Their tool spiders your page, analyzes and scores the on-page factors that affect your search engine ranking.

You just type in your URL and your keywords and it produces an online score out of 100. It shows your strengths and weaknesses and scores the following areas -

Search Traffic
Organic Keywords
Google PageRank
Domain Authority
Page Authority
Number of Incoming Links
Social Media Mentions
Top 25 External Links
Keyword Page Density
Heading Summary
Image Summary
Title Tag
Meta Description Tag
Top 3 Anchor Text Terms
Domain Age
Server Info

I got a score of 80 out of 100 for my recipes blog and after making some tweaks based on their comments, I got it up to 85. A really useful tool that not only analyzes quickly, but gives advice.

Have any of you used it? What did you think?

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