Saturday, 19 February 2011

How To Publish And Sell Your Own E-Book

If you want to publish your own e-book and to sell it yourself, then this can be done relatively easily. And it can be done without spending a cent! I'm going to discuss the process after you have written and prepared your book. You can publish it and sell it through a combination of PayLoadz and Paypal, including getting affiliates to sell for you.

You will need to convert your file into PDF. If you don't have a converter, then a very simple way to do it is to use Open Office. This is a free set of programs - Text, Spreadsheet, Presentation, Drawing, Database, Formula - and if you use the Text program, you have the option to convert it to PDF.

Go and register at PayLoadz and then go to Create New Product To Sell. Once you have filled in the details, you upload your pdf file and cover image. They will let you have a Buy Now button to place on your selling page and the payments will be done through PayPal. PayLoadz will also give you a code to give to affiliates and then handle the affiliate selling procedure and letting you have reports. Your e-book can also be made available to affiliates on PayLoadz, who are looking for products to sell.

Simple and free!


Having said all that,  I myself am looking for affiliates to sell the following 2 e-books. You may choose either or both, depending on what you feel would be appropriate on your site.

The e-book Greek Vegetarian Recipes sells for $3.50 and affiliates get $1 per sale - a pretty generous percentage!
If you are interested in becoming an affiliate for this book, then just click on this link.

 The e-book Super Jokes - with over 250 pages of quality jokes - sells for $3 and affiliates again get $1 per sale.
If you are interested in becoming an affiliate for this book, then just click on this link.

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